KS1 – LEGO ® Mini Machines Workshop (90 mins)

Our Robotic World

In this activity we will look at simple robots and tasks they can do for us. While some will only have one function, we look at using Input commands to enhance our machines and automate tasks. These include fans, moving satellites dishes and even a burglar alarm.

Curriculum links: 

Science, Computing, Design & Technology

KS2 – Mars Rovers (90 mins)

Mission to Mars 

Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity and Curiosity are joined by our own super vehicle – Milo the Mars Rover.

Can Milo travel safely over the Martian terrain? Can he detect plant-life and send a message to the scientists? There’s a lot to explore and plenty of room for individual creativity with this challenge.

Curriculum Links: 

Science, Computing, Design & Technology

KS2 – Earthquakes (90 mins)

Shakers and Movers

When the ground shakes, we want to know we’re going to be safe inside. Thankfully, we can test buildings at the design stage using our Earthquake simulator. The simulator will replicate various magnitudes of quake – can we design the ultimate ‘quake-proof’ building?

Curriculum Links: 

DT, Geography, History, Computing, S.T.E.M.

UKS2 – Need for Speed (90 mins)

Va va voom…

A firm favourite for teachers and students is our “Need for Speed” Workshop.

From building a race car we will explore what changes can help ours take pole position. Amending weight, power, grip and size can all have an impact on speed. Can our engineers find the right balance to leave the rest of the class in their slip stream. Gear yourself up for a thrilling race and plenty of thrills plus a grip on how STEM drives innovation with vehicles.

Curriculum Links: 

DT, Computing, Maths, S.T.E.M.